Thursday, May 12, 2011

Revlon Molten Metal Eye Shadow: Silver/Gold

Revlon Molten Metal Eye Shadow comes in a small, square acrylic & chrome compact. Each compact contains two eyeshadows that are baked onto tiles, rather than pressed into pans. There is also a curved sponge applicator included. The one I have is called Silver/Gold, but as you'll see in swatches below, the gold is more of a coppery color rather than a true gold. It's very pretty. These are part of the Heavenly Metals Collection.

The silver shade is a bit more shimmery and metallic than the gold, in my opinion. Each of them have a soft, shimmery finish when applied alone, and they both intensify into a highly metallic and slightly sparkly finish when applied over a base. If you're not one for shimmer and shine, you'll want to avoid these, as they definitely stand out.

As far as using a base, whether or not you need one really depends on the look you're going for. Assuming you can opt not to use one (i.e. your eyelids aren't oily like mine), you could use these as a nice, subtle shimmer wash alone. With a base, however, they turn into highly shimmery metallic shadows and the color really pops. They're quite nice either way, actually.

These apply SO nicely for baked shadows! They don't have a hard texture at all, they're actually quite soft and buttery. I found them very easy to work with. The pigmentation is also great for shimmery, drugstore shadows. Even without a base, you still get a nice pop of color.

The only downfall to these is that since they are so shimmery, they will crease. I found them creasing over UDPP which normally holds my shadow in place for the entire (and I mean 24-hour) day. I have very oily lids though, so this was probably a contributing factor. Your mileage may vary, obviously.

Do you need any of these? If you are a fan of metallic shadows, then most definitely yes. I like the fact that they're baked, and they have great color payoff for super shimmery drugstore shadows. Revlon wins with these.


Center swatches are without a base, end swatches are over UDPP.

With Flash:
Without Flash:


Anonymous said...

This eyeshadow is like nothing i have ever used before. The shades are amazing and they make people double take and glance at the beauty of the color.It's amazing!