Saturday, May 7, 2011

Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

Revlon CustomEyes Mascara is really a unique mascara. When you turn the dial on the cap, the brushes actually move to create the look you want! When the dial is set on setting 1, Length & Drama, the bristles are aligned for long and dramatic lashes. When the dial is set to setting 2, Length & Definition, the bristles are staggered to create long and defined lashes.

I have to admit that I was slightly dubious when I first read the packaging. There have been many products with similar claims, the whole multiple makeup items in one package thing, that haven't worked out so well. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with this. When I first applied it, I did one eye with setting 1 and one eye with setting 2. The difference was eye had length and definition, while the other eye had length and a more dramatic effect without looking like clumped together lashes.

One thing I really like about CustomEyes is that is very easy to remove. Some mascaras tend to make a smeary mess all around the eye when you're removing them, but not this one. CustomEyes tends to come off very cleanly with a makeup wipe without making a mess, and you don't have to work at it to get it off.

I have noticed that there are many negative reviews from other beauty bloggers, but I actually liked this one. Perhaps because I have lighter lashes? It seems to be those with darker lashes who aren't loving this. Though, my mom (who has dark lashes) told me she uses this and really likes it, so I guess it's really a personal preference.

So, would I recommend this? Yes. Not only is it very reasonably priced, but it also saves you from carrying two mascaras in your makeup bag. With CustomEyes, you get both a night look and a day look all in one tube. Very convenient!