Friday, May 6, 2011

Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara

First and foremost, here are the packaging claims:

*Instantly lengthens and strengthens lashes every time you use it.
*Anti-breakage pro-vitamin formula defends against damage so lashes continue to grow their longest.
*Unique brush shape fits eye contours perfectly to reach every last lash.
*Clump-free, all day wear.
*Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.


Let me just say first, I really liked the brush on this mascara! In fact, I found it to be one of the most effective brushes I have used. It's a bristle brush, rather than the ever popular silicone/rubber brushes that most of the newer mascaras use. It's slightly skinnier in the middle than it is on the ends (see pic above), and it really does do a wonderful job of catching every lash. I was able to reach lashes in the inner corner with ease, and it was easy to get the outer lashes without maneuvering the wand in an awkward direction.

I have fairly long lashes as it is, and Get Up & Grow still managed to add extra length without making my lashes look fake and unnatural. I loved the fanned out effect that it provided, rather than making them stick together even after multiple coats. I didn't feel the need to use a lash comb after application, and there were no clumps whatsoever. It gets an A+ for definition!

As far as smudging and flaking...minimal. I found a few flakes at the end of the day and it did smudge a bit on my oily skin, but most mascaras do. It certainly didn't deter me from using this mascara again. It's also very easy to remove, which is a plus. I removed most of it with a makeup wipe, and the rest came off when I was washing my face. I didn't have to work at it to get it off.

So, would I recommend this? Most definitely! Almay did a great job with this one, and for the price you really can't go wrong. Did I mention I love the brush? :-)


Anonymous said...

i LOVED the brush & the mascara as much as you do, but the smudging for me is RIDICULOUS. 30 minutes after I put it on, there is residue all under my eye almost like it's dripping, and it continues like that all throughout the day.