Friday, April 13, 2012

Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss

Nude lipglosses are my thing. I just can't pass up a nude lipgloss even if I do have 100 others that look just like it. There are certain things one can never have too many of, right?

I was browsing Ulta a few weeks ago when I came across a newly expanded section of Palladio. My Ulta has always carried Palladio, but they have always had a limited selection of products and nothing ever caught my eye. I first looked at the tinted lip balms, since I had heard great things about them, but I couldn't find a shade I liked. Then I spotted a nude gloss, and since I don't have any Palladio lip products, I knew I needed to try it.

The shade I have is called "Mocha Cream," and it's gorgeous. It's one of the darker nudes I own, and one I thought, at first, might be too dark. It's a pinky-brown color, but it definitely leans brown/mocha. However, it's balanced with enough pink that it doesn't look like you smeared chocolate on your lips, which is a problem I often have with brown nudes.

The formula is amazing for a drugstore gloss! It's wears well, but it's not sticky at all. I find myself reaching for this one more frequently than some of my high-end glosses, even! It just feels so light and moisturizing on the lips that you forget you're even wearing a gloss. As for scent, there might be a hint of a vanilla-ish scent, but you have to really smell the tube to even get a hint of it. I'd consider these unscented.

The packaging is very simple, but it doesn't feel as cheap as some glosses around the same price point do. The wand is a basic doefoot, but it's one of the better ones. You get a good amount of gloss with each pull of the wand...I don't find myself having to re-dip 10 times to get enough gloss.

Would I recommend these glosses? 100% yes! I was pleasantly surprised, and I will definitely be picking up a few more shades of these. These retail for only $5.00, and you can often find them on sale at Ulta. Totally worth it!