Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine

Ok, I admit it...I'm a sucker for anything Chanel. When I heard about these I couldn't wait for them to hit the department store counters so I could go try them out. I love sheer lipsticks and lipglosses. I know I'm in the minority, but I actually dislike heavily pigmented lip products. These sounded perfect...Chanel, high-shine, water-light, hydrating, and sheer...what's not to love?

I didn't get around to going to a counter before these were released online (two days early for Facebook fans!), so I googled some swatches and picked one. I was trying to decide between Canotier, Biarritz, and Evasion. I ended up settling on Canotier, which I love.

Eventually I did get to see them in person, though, and I did a little swatching. Evasion was a bit too peachy for me, and Biarritz was a bit too dark. Something between Canotier and Biarritz would have been my pick, since Biarritz showed up a bit more...but, regardless, I love Canotier anyway.

Canotier is a very sheer, pearlized nude beige shade in the tube. It shows up on my lips as a VERY sheer, glossy, nude beige with a hint of shimmer. From afar, it's almost like a highlighter. You see more of the glosssy sheen and micro-shimmer than you do the beige. I really like it though, it's just a nice, everyday, subtle lip-enhancing shade.

The formula, however, is amazing! When you apply it, it's almost as if it liquifies on your lips. Chanel describes the formula as a "water-light texture that glides on like liquid silk," and they couldn't be more spot-on. Out of all the lipsticks and lipshines I have tried over the years, including the now discontinued Aqualumiere's which were my favorite, these are totally unique.

Since they are so sheer and light, the drawback is that they have very little staying power. You need to reapply every hour or so, but they feel so nice and hydrating when you apply them, that I don't mind at all. There is no goopy, heavy feeling on your lips...they apply like balm and feel even lighter, on.

Rouge Coco Shine retails for $32, like most Chanel lipsticks, but unfortunately you get less product with these. Although that does make them more pricey than the rest, I can't say they're not worth it. These are definitely worth checking out if you are a gloss gal and/or like sheer lipshines vs. full coverage lipsticks. I can't wait to see the new shades released in upcoming collections, I have a feeling these will be very popular summer lippies!