Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Unfortunately, I was blessed with permanent dark circles. No matter how much sleep I get, they're still there and just as dark. Seasonal allergies only make them worse...and although allergy medicine will control my allergies, it does nothing for my dark circles. Concealer is a must, and concealer alone won't cut it...Bobbi Brown's Corrector is a necessity!

Bobbi Brown Corrector comes in multiple shades of peach and bisque, ranging from light to dark. It's intended for use before concealer to correct the tone of the undereye area, before applying concealer to cover up the darkness. It has a unique texture which I didn't initially like, but now I have come to love for multiple reasons. The formula contains petrolatum, so it's sticky and sort of waxy. The only drawback to this is that if you're applying with your finger, you will need to pick up product a few times in order to get enough where you want it. Initially I thought it would be hard to blend, but it's quite the opposite. Blending is where the texture shines, because it stays put and adheres to where you put it, rather than disappearing into your makeup sponge or brush.

I knew about this long before I gave it a try. I was hesitant because at the time I had tried so many concealers ranging from drugstore to high-end, and they all failed to deliver. Eventually, I had heard so many raves for it that I just decided to give it a try. I figured I could always return it if it didn't work for me, so I had nothing to lose.

Today, I am SO grateful to those that recommended it to me, because it's now my "desert island" product. If I could have no other undereye concealer, I would take my corrector. I can't live without it, nothing even comes to close to the difference it makes. I can apply multiple layers of concealer, but if I haven't used the corrector, I can still see my undereye circles showing through.

The first time I bought this, the $22 price tag made me cringe when I saw how big the compact was. But the first time I tried it, $22 seemed like a bargain when I realized that it did more in one layer than any concealer has ever done in multiple layers. It's actually saved me money in the long run because I no longer keep buying and trying multiple products to find something that works. Plus, one lasts quite a while since you only need a little.

Do you need this? If you have noticeable dark circles, definitely YES! Even if you feel like you're getting adequate results from your concealer alone, give this a try and you'll be surprised at just how much better it looks when you're finished.